Month: October 2017

Raising a Toddler Abroad: Prague versus Oslo

People are always very surprised when I tell them I think Prague is more child-friendly than Oslo. Isn’t Oslo part of the Scandinavian wonderland in which everyone is happy all the time, the quality of life is high across the board, and kids are allowed carefree childhoods outdoors? 

The difference, I explain is between a child-friendly and a family-friendly environment. And it begins with the countries’ very different approaches to parental leave, though the effects go well beyond that.

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A Luxurious and Relaxing Weekend in Mallorca (With a Toddler)

So when my husband asked where I wanted to go for my birthday, I immediately said, “To the beach.” I didn’t much care which beach we went to, as long as it would be (substantially) warmer than Oslo. That didn’t really narrow my choices down, though, so I started looking for places in Europe where it would be over 20 degrees Celsius in October. After a little research, I decided on Mallorca.

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