Month: November 2017

Nesting in Norway

When we started considering moving to Norway, one of my first requests was that the furniture that was in storage in Seattle be shipped to our new home. We’d been living in a partially furnished flat in Prague and while we’d brought plenty with us from Seattle, very little of it was furniture. All of L’s bedroom furniture had come with us, sure, as well as a mattress (that’s since been replaced—go figure), and a little hippopotamus footstool that I just had to have when I stumbled upon it on Houzz and that I thought would cheer me up on even the dreariest of days. But the rest of the “big stuff” was either provided by our landlords or purchased after we arrived.

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Minimalist Toy Collection for a Two Year Old

One of the areas in which I most struggle with minimalism is my son’s toys. It’s pretty clear that the benefits of toy minimalism go well beyond making it easier to clean up. And who wouldn’t want to lengthen their toddler’s attention span? But at the same time, I hate the idea of missing out on the one toy that is going to turn him in to a genius. (Newflash: No toy is going to do that. But that doesn’t change the fact I worry about it.)

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Norwegian Lessons: Barnevogn

I wasn’t going to write this post. Linguistically, this isn’t the most interesting word—we already know that barn means “child,” so if you speak English (and I assume you do if you are reading this blog) it’s not hard to figure out that barnevogn is “child wagon” aka “stroller.” And I would really like to move on to some less child-centered words.

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