Easter Weekend in Salzburg, Austria

When my husband found out that he got three days off for Easter, any reason to stay in Prague for the weekend evaporated.  I turned to Google and started searching for Easter egg hunts in Central and Eastern Europe—or if that failed, cities where they didn’t celebrate the holiday by whipping women and girls.

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Lisbon: 2 1/2 days with a toddler

We’d barely been back from Cancun for 24 hours when we started planning our next “sunny” vacation.  (Coming home to dirty snow and a high of -2 Celsius was not fun!) At the top of my list for a while now was a trip to Portugal so after quizzing my Facebook friends on the benefits of Lisbon v. Porto, we were off for a week in a {slightly} warmer climate.

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Sintra & Cascais: 2 1/2 days with a toddler

When I asked my Facebook friends whether we should go to Lisbon or Porto (nothing like crowdsourcing your vacation plans, am I right?) a third place (albeit one close to Lisbon) kept coming up—Sintra.  One quick Pinterest search later and I knew we had to go.  So we booked our tickets for a week in Lisbon, with the intent of spending half our time in Lisbon and half in nearby Sintra.

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Adventures in Transatlantic Travel with a Young Toddler

First off…if you are looking for the secret to how to ensure that your toddler doesn’t cry during a fourteen hour flight and immediately adjusts to the new time zone, keep on walking.  I spent hours scouring the internet for that information before our last big trip and couldn’t find it.  There were tips for babies (but mine was (mostly) weaned so feeding him during takeoff and landing was not an option) and older toddlers (but mine isn’t interested in crayons or stickers, so those are out).  But nothing about how to handle a 13 month old who had just recently started walking.

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Tour of Prague: Old Town Square

When we first decided to move to Prague I was super excited about this becoming a travel blog.  I love to travel and I love travel blogs with all their pretty pictures.  Sadly, my photography skills still aren’t up to snuff but I’ve decided not to let that stop me. (And hopefully this blog will motivate me to actually practice my photography!)  So here we go with one of the first places on every Prague tourist’s itinerary—Old Town Square.

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