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How to Travel like Adults…With a Toddler

Before we moved to Europe, it seemed as if all of our friends either stopped traveling once they had kids or they only went on Disney vacations (or to visit the grandparents). And while there’s nothing wrong with an occasional Disney trip (the first place I want to travel to after we move back to Seattle is Aulani) I couldn’t imagine that being the only kind of vacation we ever took.

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Adventures in Transatlantic Travel with a Young Toddler

First off…if you are looking for the secret to how to ensure that your toddler doesn’t cry during a fourteen hour flight and immediately adjusts to the new time zone, keep on walking.  I spent hours scouring the internet for that information before our last big trip and couldn’t find it.  There were tips for babies (but mine was (mostly) weaned so feeding him during takeoff and landing was not an option) and older toddlers (but mine isn’t interested in crayons or stickers, so those are out).  But nothing about how to handle a 13 month old who had just recently started walking.

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