Last Monday morning the movers arrived to pack up our stuff. On Friday we boarded a plane and flew to Oslo. We were in Prague for less than a year, but when opportunity knocks…

I’m a little sad to be leaving Prague so soon. We’d only just begun to explore the Czech Republic—in fact, there are entire neighborhoods of Prague I’ve never been to—and haven’t made it hardly anywhere else in Central or Eastern Europe. Although I’d made some friends and at least started this blog, I hadn’t really gotten into the routine I’d hoped to, despite the fact that L had a wonderful nanny, which should have meant ample free time for me. And let’s face it, the castle situation in Norway just isn’t what it was in Prague.

Prague Castle Prague Castle Norwegian Royal Palace Norwegian Royal Palace

But I am excited. We will now be in close proximity to lots of other wonderful places I didn’t have plans to visit.  (Who wants to explore Scandinavia with me?) Norway has a reputation as an amazing place to raise kids. (At a minimum, health care is supposed to be top notch, so surely I won’t have to worry that we’ll have to spend the night in a spooky, communist-era hospital, right?) And being someplace where I can get more familiar products and brands will also be nice. (I hate to admit it, but I’ve definitely gotten more set in my ways as I’ve gotten older!)

Best of all is how much Oslo reminds me of Seattle. Of course they are very different, but sitting in the cab on the way from the airport to our temporary apartment, I felt a sense of familiarity that I rarely felt in Prague. It must have been all the trees.

So what’s next? The first few months will be filled with apartment hunting, buying things that didn’t fit in our suitcases, and lots of paperwork. We’ve also got some vacations planned, including a few days in the U.S. But mostly we will be exploring the city and doing what we can to make it feel like home.

Photo Credits: Prague Castle Photo by TomasSereda/iStock / Getty Images

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