You might (logically) think that it started with a job offer.  But it actually started, at least for me, in the early days of motherhood, sitting on my bed bingewatching Master of None while trying to breastfeed my baby.

Not to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, but one of the storylines is basically about how life ends at 30 because you are suddenly tied down and can’t just up and move across the world.  Being that I was {more than a} smidge past thirty with a big career and even bigger mortgage, I could definitely relate.  But before the baby I could at least pretend that I was free to move and explore the world on a moment’s notice.  Afterwards, not so much.

For weeks I walked around lamenting the fact that my life was over.  (I hope L isn’t too traumatized by this.)  Then one day, about a month after I finished the season, my husband came home and asked, “What would you think of living in Prague?”  Apparently, one of his peers was there and wanted to move back to Seattle, so there would be an opening.

We’d been to Prague once before, on a vacation about three years ago.  We celebrated New Years here and as we wandered the snowy streets we both said, “I could really see myself living here.”  So of course when F asked me the question, I thought of that walk and immediately said, “Let’s do it.”

Although my response was immediate, the actual move was not. In fact, it took about six months to negotiate the offer, pack up all our stuff, get our visas, sell our condo, and actually move.  But by the middle of July, here we were.

Would we have come to Prague if it hadn’t been for Master of None?  Possibly.  F grew up moving countries every few years and we both love to travel.  But–as my husband has pointed out several times–I’m not always the most flexible and open to change.  So I suspect that while I would have wanted to come, there’s a pretty good chance that I would have just decided to put the baby in daycare and go back to work like a “normal” person.  Fighting against the idea that my life was over, however, I decided to move halfway around the world to a place where I knew no one and didn’t speak the language.  And a little more than a year after F “popped the question,” here we are!

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  1. Your life is adventurous! Enjoy! L will be multilingual and so wonderfully expose to world cultures! I am just going to have live vicariously through you guys! XxxSiri

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