Czech Republic

Three Toddler-Friendly Day Trips from Prague

Last year at this time we were getting settled into Prague and starting to explore the surrounding area. Having been to Prague on vacation a few years before, Fernando and I felt that we’d been able to check most of the big sights in the city off our list, and at any rate, we figured we had a long time ahead of us to explore. (Turns out we were wrong about that last point!) We hadn’t ventured out of the city yet, though, so that was what we had planned for the fall.

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Czechia’s Must See: Český Krumlov

When we decided to move to Oslo one thing was certain: we needed to up our sightseeing game. With our time in Prague cut short, there were so many places in the Czech Republic—not to mention the rest of Central and Eastern Europe—that we hadn’t been to. Under the circumstances, some of those places were going to have to wait until after the move (and perhaps even our eventual return to the U.S.). But there was one place we couldn’t leave Prague without visiting.

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Tour of Prague: Old Town Square

When we first decided to move to Prague I was super excited about this becoming a travel blog.  I love to travel and I love travel blogs with all their pretty pictures.  Sadly, my photography skills still aren’t up to snuff but I’ve decided not to let that stop me. (And hopefully this blog will motivate me to actually practice my photography!)  So here we go with one of the first places on every Prague tourist’s itinerary—Old Town Square.

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