Three Can’t Miss Dishes in Seattle (from a former local)

Ask any expat what their favorite part of going home is and they will most likely say “the food.” If they don’t, they’re lying. (Unless they say “free babysitting by the grandparents,” in which case they are probably telling the truth. Of course, they’ll most likely go out to eat with that spare time, which takes us right back to food.) 

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Raising an Adventurous Eater: Three Tips

Of the interests that brought my husband and I together on our first date, travel and food were two of the top three. (The third was a closely related one—wine.) With this in mind, it was important to us that Luca be an adventurous eater. That doesn’t mean he had to be willing to eat insects in preschool, but it did mean that he not be TOO picky as a toddler.



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