I wasn’t going to write about this for a couple more months because I thought it would be better if I had just retaken the course, but then I heard that this is going to be the last time it is offered, so here we go with the first Things I Love post about Jess Lively’s online course Life With Intention Online!

I had been listening to Jess’s podcast, The Lively Show, for over a year when I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for Life With Intention Online (LWIO).  The basic purpose of LWIO is to develop Values Based Intentions (VBIs) to guide you in each of four areas of your life: relationships, possessions, personal habits, and career.  I was a little concerned because although I really liked most of her podcast episodes and had enjoyed her free VBI-setting workshop, I was resistant to some of the more “woo-woo” parts of her approach, especially listening to my intuition.  (And let’s be honest, a year later I still sometimes want to roll my eyes when someone mentions the ego, but I’m getting better.)

Any doubts I may have felt disappeared halfway through Module 1 when a light bulb went off during Jess’s discussion of “Success Mountain.”  Without giving it all away, the basic idea is that we’ve been approaching success all wrong by thinking that we are climbing up the mountain of success—that once we have and do certain things we will be happy—when the reality is that we should be climbing down the mountain—find joy in ourselves and from there the things we want to do or have will come.  {There are of course a million caveats to this, including that what we want to do or have might change and we won’t necessarily get all these things exactly when we want them, but you get the gist.}  In subsequent weeks, she takes you through the process of developing VBIs with the belief that if you act in accordance with them you will experience joy and fulfillment in your life.

The only problem I have with the course is really a problem with myself.  Each time I do it I’m super gung ho during the first two modules—cheering at her distinction between happiness and joy and developing my VBIs with gusto—but fall off the wagon before finishing Module 3 and therefore never make the progress that I think I’ll make at the start of the course.  I don’t want to say that this time will be different because I can’t guarantee it will be but I am looking forward to taking the course again and this time, in order to maximize the likelihood that I follow through, I have decided to force myself to only focus on one area of my life: possessions.  I’ve chosen this one because it is a seemingly small area (notwithstanding the fact that I need to do some massive decluttering) that I think will have a big impact on my life by freeing my mind and improving quality of life for my husband and son.

Thinking about joining me on this journey but not sure you can handle the talk of ego and VBIs? Jess is offering two free workshops this week to help you decide.  The first, on Wednesday (January 18), is an introduction to developing VBIs and how to incorporate them into your life.  The second, on Thursday (January 19), is about Jess’s emerging focus on alignment and emotional frequency.  I won’t be able to participate in either in person (they are at 5 a.m. in Prague and I better be asleep!) but I will be registering for the alignment workshop so that I can listen to the replay.

Photo Credit: Carolyn Lagattuta / Stocksy.com

Have you taken LWIO or listened to The Lively Show?  What did you think?  And as I embark on this year of growth, do you have any other books/courses/etc that you recommend?

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